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Improvised Broadway Musical

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Show Times

  • October 12, 2024 7:00 pm

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$39.50 plus applicable fees

About The Show

Straight from New York City, the cast of The Improvised Broadway Musical creates a brand-new musical on the spot!

Each performance of The Improvised Broadway Musical is the premiere of a never-before-seen musical, and YOU help create it – each show is based on an audience member’s suggestion of a title of a musical that doesn’t yet exist. Past audiences have helped to create shows like “Can She Even Walk in Heels?”, “Ladies Who Lie”, and “Four Dates, Four Frogs”. If you’ve ever wanted to be in “the room where it happens”, this is the show to see!

From the characters, to the plot, to the singing and dancing, everything is completely improvised and will never be seen again! The cast is full of the best musical improvisers in NYC who have been seen on Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and on Broadway in shows such as Wicked, The Prom, Groundhog Day, Freestyle Love Supreme, Hair and features a live band who are also making up everything as they go!

The Improvised Broadway Musical is a love letter to everything that makes Broadway special and all that makes improvisation unique. The cast has improvised musicals for audiences all over the world from sell-out runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to The New York Comedy Festival.

What are our audiences saying?
“Better than any musical I’ve seen on Broadway all year.”
— Unnamed Broadway Composer/Lyricist
“I laughed so hard, I cried!”
— NYC Audience Member
“I have no idea how the f*** they pulled that off!”
— Bloomington, IN Audience Member

Story Brief

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