Recording Studio

Featuring a 9’-6” x 5’ Isolation booth with sound absorption panels and 6 inputs, 4 outputs
The studio itself is completely sound isolated from the rest of the building.

State of the art recording and processing equipment:
• 27″ iMac with the following specifications: Processor: (065­C7GL) ­ 3.0GHz 6­core 8th­generation Intel Core i5 processor,
• Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz Memory: (065­C6WL) ­ 16GB 2666MHz DDR4
• Onboard Memory Storage: (065­C6WQ) ­ 2TB Fusion Drive storage Graphics: (065­C7GX) ­ Radeon Pro 570X
• 4GB GDDR5 memory
• LaCie 16TB 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 RAID external storage, allowing SD and USB file transfer

• 1 Final Cut Pro X
• 1 Logic Pro X

Console and processing:
• Midas Pro 1 Sound Console
• Tascam DA-3000 HiRes USB Audio Recorder/Player
• Focusrite Clarette8 Pre USB recording interface
• Dante Bridge and Virtual Sound Card

• Studio Monitors: Tannoy Reveal 502
• 2: Sennheiser HD280Pro closed headphones
• 4 channel headphone preamp for use in the iso booth

Microphones (shared with Performing Arts Center – please inquire ahead of time):
• Shure SM 57, SM 58: Voice, general
• Sennheiser E609: Guitar Amp, horns, (dynamic), E914, Instrument (condenser)
• Neumann KMS105: Voice (condenser), KM184 pair (instrument, condenser),
• DPA VO4099-DC-1-199-G (acoustic guitar), VO4099-DC-1-199-B (acoustic bass)

Outboard gear (Based on availability, please inquire ahead of time):
• Guitar Amp: Fender Champion 100: 2×12”
• Bass Amp: Eden EC210 180W 2×10”
• Casio CDP 120 Keyboard
• Radial mono and stereo DI w/ Jansen xformer

This studio is perfect for:
• Voice overs or overdubbing
• Podcasts
• Commercials
• Instrument or vocal audition submissions
• Solo demo recording
• Track at a time composition recording

32 track recording from the Main Stage!
Have a band, musical group or other performance that you want to record live? With a package rental including stage (with audience if you desire) and studio this can be fully realized! We can send each channel from the stage inputs to the recording studio individually, making a fully editable multi track recording for you to keep. Contact us for rates specific to this scenario.

Rates (4 Hour Minimum Requirement):
$75 per hour
$65 per hour (student rate)

For inquiries please call (732) 554-1960

Preview of the studio: