The Avenel Performing Arts Center (APAC) is a multi-disciplinary performing arts center located in Avenel, New Jersey. Funded by the Woodbridge Arts Alliance, The APAC promises to energize Avenel and surrounding communities by programming exceptional, professional theatre, music, comedy, dance and more.


Woodbridge Arts Alliance (WAA) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advocating, activating and animating Downtown Woodbridge and Avenel as hubs for the arts in the Township of Woodbridge. Starting with The Avenel Performing Arts Center, the WAA will play a leadership role in helping to advance the Township’s art-driven economic plan—a plan that includes further development of enhanced arts programming and education representative of the diverse population in the area.

Woodbridge Arts Alliance will build and expand on these existing arts activities to further activate the Township of Woodbridge as a regional hub for the arts. The goal is to inform and help build capacities needed to organize and distinguish Woodbridge as an arts destination to help advance the economic position of artists, creative entrepreneurs and associated entities.


Anthony Wilkinson
Executive & Artistic Director
(732) 588-8901

Brad Sarboukh
Executive Assistant to the Executive & Artistic Director
(732) 588-8902

Kiersten Morgan
Marketing Manager
(732) 588-8903

John W. Anderson-Silva
Box Office Manager
(732) 314-0500

Alison Hegarty
Front of House Coordinator
(732) 314-0500

Kaitlyn Crinigan
Curtains Front of House Manager
(732) 582-4595

Woodbridge Arts Alliance Board of Trustees


Caroline Ehrlich, President
Peter Visceglia, Vice President
Patrick Muller, Treasurer
Mayor John E. McCormac, Ex-Officio

Board Members:

Christine Dehart
Steve Dillon
Tom Favinger
John Hogan
Gail Lalla
Alan Schall
Jeff Schein
Mahesh Shah
Robin Lefkowitz
Cory Spillar
Pat Trombetta
Christina Vreeland
Hugh Drumm
Michael Widmer